GPS Coordinates

GPS Coordinates to Camp Muir:

(Note: Disappointment Cleaver Route changes as crevasses open/close and conditions change... upper route coordinates are not included because route changes)


Paradise Ranger Station: N 46.78622 W 121.73530

Pebble Creek:  N 46.80930  W 121.72529

Start of Glacier:  N 46.81029  W 121.72585

Glacier point #1:  N 46.81202  W 121.72527

Glacier point #2:  N 46.81661 W 121.72453

Little Africa: N 46.82262 W 121.72508

Moon Rocks:  N 46.82648  W 121.72787

Camp Muir: N 46.83540 W 121.73281

Summit:  N 46.85257  W 121.75976


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